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Teen Film Class

Saturdays in June, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Registration Required: Call 256-764-6564, ext. 124 to sign up

Learn how to make your own movie magic with this film class just for teens!  We've partnered with the filmmakers at Wellspring Advertising to offer a free month-long filmmaking camp at the library.

You'll learn the entire process of making a short film, from writing and shooting to editing and marketing, and you'll be able to apply those skills into making your own vision a reality. We'll have iPads available to check out so you can work on your shooting and editing between each week's class and after the course is over. The end goal for the class is that the teens will collaborate to make their own short films, which will be screened for family and friends at a special FLPL Teen Film Festival later in the summer.

Special thanks to the Insitute of Museum and Library Services for making this project possible.

June 1: choosing a topic, screenwriting, casting, & funding
June 8: pre-production, storyboarding, & managing data
June 15: setting your shots, lighting, & location audio
June 29: editing & marketing

Here's an overview of what you'll learn for each session:

Choosing Your Story
The series kicks off with the beginning – choosing a story for your film project. Will it be a horror film set in an abandoned house? Will it be an action thriller that takes place in a dystopian future? A “rom-com” or a good old fashioned comedy? Choose your topic wisely.
Instructor : Keith Sims

Join Award-Winning screenwriter, Bryant Hashieder and Director / Producer Austin Parsons for a comprehensive look at getting your story out and into script form – the “blueprint” of your film. You’ll learn proper formatting, developing your characters, and much more.
Instructors : Bryant Hashieder, Austin Parsons

Taught by renown Actor, Director, and Producer, Austin Parsons, you’ll learn what to look for in your potential actors. The best way to hold an audition, and some secrets of the trade that may help you choose your next leading man or woman.
Instructor : Austin Parsons 

The best way to help develop your shoot – storyboard. These can be simple stick figures or even detailed drawings, but it’s a tool often over-looked by new Directors and Producers.
Instructor : Keith Sims

You can’t make a movie without funding. Your instructors will show how to properly budget your film and the various ways to help raise the money to make it all happen. Plus, some good old fashioned short-cuts to help make the shoot happen without spending a lot of money.
Instructors : Keith Sims, Austin Parsons

Managing Your Data
With today’s tech, it’s all about storage. HD and 4K video eats-up a lot of space. Plus, the proper “DIT” (digital imaging technician) will help you organize and find your footage when you’re ready to edit.
Instructor : Keith Sims

So you have your script, your ideas are ready to roll. Now it’s time to plan the shoot and then shoot the plan. This is the meat of filmmaking. Finding locations, organizing your shooting days, hiring the right crew, and much more.
Instructors : Bobby Martin, Keith Sims

Setting Your Shots
This is where you make your visions for your film come to life. This class will teach the essentials of cinematography. Choose the right lens for a shot. Learn what a “cowboy” is, a “choker,"an “OTS,” and more.
Instructors : Keith Sims, Shaun Wells

Let there be light! There is so much more to lighting than meets the eye. Lighting can help tell a story or completely destroy a shot. Learn the very tip of the iceberg with proper lighting techniques and tools of the trade.
Instructor : Keith Sims

Location Audio
Unless your film is a silent one, chances are, you’ll want to make sure you can hear all the great dialog you’ve written for your actors. We’ll teach you some basic location audio to help keep your film sounding like it should!
Instructors : Bobby Martin, Keith Sims

Known as “Post Production” in the industry, here’s where you can make or break a successful shoot! Learn what a “J-Cut” is, a “Kind Cut”, or a nice “Push”.
Instructor : Keith Sims

Marketing Your Film
So, you have your prized possession – this film you’ve worked so hard to get made. Now you need for people to come and see it! Learn some good marketing tactics to make sure your film is noticed and seen by your fans.
Instructor : Keith Sims

Remember, registration is required, and there are a limited number of spots available in this hands-on course.
Call 256-764-6564, ext. 124 to sign up.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (LS-00-18-0001-18).