There's always something new to learn about using a computer. Here are some hints and tips from the library staff.

Computer Tip: Moving the mouse
Always remember that your computer mouse only moves as a result of the ball that is built into it.  Therefore, it must be placed on a flat surface in order for the ball to roll properly.  So if you have difficulty with the mouse and it tends to drag off the edge of your table, simply pick up the mouse and place it back in the middle of your flat surface; the cursor will stay positioned where you last left it. (This works with an optical mouse as well.)
Computer Tip: Changing the text size in your browser
If you have difficulty reading the text on certain Internet pages, try holding down the Control (Ctrl) key while pressing the + (plus) symbol in order to increase the size of the text within your browser.  The more times you press the + key, the larger the text size will get.  To make the text size smaller once again, simply press Control (Ctrl) while pressing the - (minus) symbol on your keyboard.
Computer Tip: Printing from email
Web-based email messages (such as on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and many company and university email services) can be difficult to print properly. First, always look for a link on the page that says "Printable Version" or shows an icon of a printer. If there isn't one, you can print just your email (without the rest of the page around it) in Firefox: Open the email, right-click on the message text, choose This Frame, and click Print This Frame.
Computer Tip: Printing only the pages you want
Most programs will let you choose which pages to print if you don't want to print the whole document. When the Print window pops up, change the settings under Page Range to print only the pages you want.