Exam Proctoring Policy

The reference staff may proctor exams for Florence-Lauderdale Public Library card holders in good standing. Please read the exam proctoring policy prior to notifying the reference staff of the necessary services.

  • Each proctored test is subject to a $10.00 proctoring fee. In addition to the $10.00 proctoring fee, the student must pay all costs associated with the proctored test. These include, but are not limited to, charges for printouts, photocopies, faxes, and postage.
  • All tests are taken on-site. No test will be proctored unless the student is physically present.
  • All tests are proctored by appointment only and must be scheduled a minimum of 48 hours in advance of test time in order to ensure both proctor and space availability. Accordingly, tests are proctored only on those days designated by the reference staff.
  • All online tests are subject to the rules, time limits, and restrictions of the Computer Use Policy.

The Florence-Lauderdale Public Library reserves the right to refuse to proctor any test which fails to comply with the above policies, or interferes with the daily operation of the library.